What is Madloba?

A sharing platform

A free and open-source solution


Madloba on mobile device

Discover what your community has to offer — all on one map:
➤ See what’s available close to your home
➤ Contact the people who have what you’re looking for
➤ Advertise what you’re searching for or want to get rid of — for free
➤ Refine your search: Browse through categories and select your neighbourhood

As an administrator, create and manage a new way of sharing for your city:
➤ Customize your Madloba website and your map by identifying the areas of your city in the way it makes sense for your community
➤ Manage users, categories, items and ads
➤ Give users useful information about your organization and city


Mapping open-source solutions

Madloba promotes open-source mapping technologies, like OpenStreetMap, MapQuest and Mapbox. It also uses the fantastic JS library Leaflet, which creates beautiful markers for your maps.
Help us to promote open-source technologies! Contact us if you wish to participate in the Madloba project!

Give Madloba a try!

Before creating your own Madloba website, how about giving it a try?

Head over to our Madloba demo site, and see what it is all about. You can find instructions here.

Give Madloba a try!

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